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achieving your dreams

Do You Ever Feel Like Puking?

My clients are incredibly brave. Maybe it’s because they have a great trust in me and know I come from a place of love, acceptance and no judgment, AND because I can often relate to where they are.

When they are hesitating, procrastinating, making excuses, trying too long to design the perfect logo, it’s often because growth is happening, and growth can be scary, and can make you downright uncomfortable and stop you in your tracks.

What’s the best way to know that you need to work through something with your coach and that fear has you in its grip?

Listen to your body and emotions.

Feeling anxious, anger, or crabby is a sign. So is a jittery feeling in the pit of your stomach, adrenaline running right under the skin of your arms, shaky hands and just plain wanting to puke.

Fear comes in all sorts of forms: fear of success, failure, being seen, or feeling stupid.

Even the most successful of people have fears they must conquer.  Fear has often been called “false evidence appearing real.” Unless you work through it, it will hold you back.

A  great tool I share with my clients is a book that explains all the fears, and walks you step by step to rid them.



This book will move you from a state of fear and caution to one of confidence so you can move forward to achieve your dreams. It’s a tool you can use over and over when you are in that next stage of growth.

Normally priced at $24.95, I want to share it with you for 50% off. Just enter the code word “EASE” when you check out and until the end of April, this is yours for just $12.47! FIND IT HERE

In this book you will learn:

  • How to identify if your fears are real
  • Why you’re choosing to be fearful
  • What causes your fear and how to change your belief in it
  • Strategies to overcome specific fears including: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of lack of support, and fear of the worst case scenario.

This book also includes, as a bonus, powerful fear crushing exercises!

I’d love to hear your stories about busting through fear. What’s something you’ve done even though it was scary?

Ready to take a leap in your personal or business life? Jane works with executives, business owners, and people in transition who want to excel and skyrocket their business success.

As a Personal Branding Expert, she shows you how to “stand out for success.” Author of “Savvy Leadership Skills for Women Entrepreneurs” she is your advocate for marketing and mindset makeovers. Contact her at

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